Melanie’s Memory Bracelet’s

Melanie is a 11 year old little girl who was inspired by her grandfather Papa John. She want to help those who served in uniform for our country. Melanie is making beaded bracelets and is accepting donations for these bracelets. A 5 dollar donation is suggested. It all started with a story that she learned from Papa John. On October 16th she received the colors at Papa John.s funeral she realized that the stories will no longer be told. Melanie’s message is follows: ” We shouldn’t take our veterans for granted. We need to listen to their stories. One day they will be gone and the stories will stop. Also, we should thank a military person every chance we get. Not Just on Veteran’s Day.” This site is use to share those stories that we learned from those we encountered. These stories will not be found in any history book.

To raise awareness about our men and women in uniform is her mission. We should not take them for granted. They deserve a thank you more often. Also to raise donations for Operation Homefront of California and Kentucky Pro Bass Warriors to assist them in their programs of helping those who served and are serving.  All bracelets are $5.00 each, please indicate which number you would like when purchasing through the pay pal option below.

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