In the late 1960s, John Collins recognized the growing market for truck caps. As he watched the recreational vehicle industry blossom in his community of Elkhart, Indiana, he realized that the same materials, manufacturing, and workforce could be used to produce truck caps. With just a few thousand dollars of start-up money, he founded LEER, and began production of truck caps.

LEER moved into fiberglass production, the company established an industry-wide reputation for leading-edge design, breaking new ground in truck cap styling. Truck caps, formerly boxy contraptions of two-by-fours and aluminum, quickly evolved into sophisticated accessories that followed the design and style lines of the trucks they fit.  To speed product to market, LEER invested in a huge fleet of custom-outfitted trailers. And to shorten the distances and delivery times, LEER built regional plants in the West, Midwest, East and South.

As the value of truck caps and tonneaus grew, so did the the LEER brand. LEER’s success attracted the interest of J. B. Poindexter & Co., a large U.S.-based business group concentrating primarily in automotive products. J. B. Poindexter purchased LEER, and went on to expand its holdings in the truck cap and tonneau segment, forming the Truck Accessories Group, LLC, to manage production, distribution and sales.

Today, one out of every five pickup trucks in the United States and Canada have some kind of truck cap or tonneau, and they are available in a wide range of styles and prices. Manufactured in Woodland, California, Elkhart, Indiana, and Milton, Pennsylvania, LEER still the dominates the industry with its national distributor network and its well-designed, high-quality products.

As a part of the Truck Accessories Group LLC, LEER benefits from its extensive engineering, design and mold-making resources headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. It offers products through hundreds of independent distributors located in every U.S. state and most Canadian provinces. Wherever truck caps or tonneaus are sold or seen, LEER is the leader.