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As a skin doctor I have treated thousands of patients with severe chapped lips due to a variety of causes, including as a side effect of the anti-acne drug Isotretinoin (commonly known as Accutane). One day a patient on Isotretinoin came to see me. She was suffering with painfully chapped lips and had tried multiple greasy prescription ointments, creams, and lip balms to no effect. Out of desperation I recommended an “organic” natural lip balm; after using it, she returned a day later with giant swollen lips and almost had to be admitted to the hospital! She got better with high doses of oral steroids, but I was taken aback. I set out to solve this problem that afflicted so many, once and for all. I also knew from my training that a little Cortisone could go a long way towards soothing the inflammation of severe chapped lips. After trying for years, and experiencing a few close calls – figuring out the chemistry of Hydrocortisone in hot wax was scary to say the least – I finally hit upon the perfect combination of natural yellow bee’s wax, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and Hydrocortisone. We at Dr. Dan’s will soon have a chemical-free lip sunscreen, anti-itch stick, and a fantastic hand lotion for sale online. We continue to be grateful to our loyal customers and Doctors who recommend our products, and will always give free samples to all who ask.